Blick über den Tellerrand vom 13. April 2014

Sonntag, April 13, 2014

Regelmäßig schaue ich über den Tellerrand und lese und kommentiere andere Blogs. Hier findest Du eine Auswahl, der letzten Zeit, die mir besonders gut gefallen hat. Viel Spaß dabei!

  • TWSBI IROC 850 Inches Closer to Production
    On Monday TWSBI teased us twice times yet again with images of an ostensibly ready-to-go IROC 850 fountain pen: Production units (of which there will be only 300 at first) will have a silver-colored steel nib, likely available only in M and F to start. People […]
  • Ink Notes: Montblanc Jonathan Swift Seaweed Green
    Montblanc is one of my favorite ink brands as it makes up three of my five favorite inks. Montblanc Jonathan Swift Seaweed Green is a limited edition ink which means it sells at a premium price. Prices vary considerably since availability is limited but I found mine for $17 for a 35 ml bottle. At 4
  • my preparation for exams (term two)
    For this second lot of exams, I took a different approach to revision. I decided to use mind maps, hand-drawn diagrams and flashcards as my main modes of revision and I decided not to write out lecture notes as I found it time-consuming and really not that helpful.An example of a hand-drawn diagram
  • Das ist wahre Bleistift-Liebe (Fotos von Die…
    Das ist wahre Bleistift-Liebe (Fotos von Die Besprechung bei zeugt von großer Detailgenauigkeit und wahrere Liebe für Radierer. Matthias hat außerdem eine wichtige Information herausgefunden: der Radierer Pentel Ain Click enthält Phthalate – und sollte deshalb
  • Meditieren durch Schreiben – Praxistipp
    Das Notizbuch als Meditationswerkzeug, das ist keine neue Idee. Auch die Verbindung von Meditieren und Schreiben ist ein häufig erwähnter Zusammenhang. Durch Zufall fand ich vor einigen Tagen den Artikel Mindfulness Meditation: 8 Quick Exercises That Easily Fit into Your Day. In diesem Artikel werd
  • Similar Fountain Pen Ink Colors
    Have you ever discovered two similar ink colors? How did you determine your favorite between them? Price? Smell? Flow? Looking for something similar to an ink you can’t find? Take a look at this article on Pendemonium: A Few Thoughts on Fountain Pen Inks which includes helpful notes on similar ink
  • Ask The Desk: ID Protection Stamps
    Sandy asks: Think this is good idea? I assume the question regards any sort of blotting stamp for security purposes. Folks seem to like these as an alternative to paper shredders as they are smaller, quieter and portable for obscuring personal information on printed material. While shredding mak
  • Lapis Lazuli Duofold Streamline
    Months go by without a lapis lazuli pen, then I get two!  This second one is a real beauty, a streamline Duofold.  Forgive the flash photos; time is pressing today. As if the glorious colour is not enough, how about this nib?  You don’t get many oblique stubs in a pound of Duofolds. What more nee
  • Monteverde's Artista Crystal
    Audrey first picked one of these up at the Triangle Pen Show last year, and she had to get one. She was also looking at the Pilot Prera, as they’re a very similar style, but the price jump between the two pens ($36-$58) is pretty extreme and she went for the Artista. (Her pen is the pink one at the
  • Guide to Choosing a Brush Pen for Calligraphy
    Brush pens are oftentimes the secret behind beautiful script. They’re used for everything from writing calligraphy and Chinese characters to creating art. If you can find the right one, a brush pen is more than a tool — it’s an extension of your writing hand. Though it takes a certain amount of p
  • Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen – Bluegreen 2014 Special Edition – Black B nib
    Mint chocolate! If only.  My local pen store and the place I go to get my coffee beans are located in the same shopping complex. It’s a dangerous set-up. I head out intending to get more beans and come home with a new bluegreen Lamy Al-Star. This is the color mermaids would choose for their foun

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